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The legend of the White Lion has been shared by word of mouth for centuries. Folklore declares that White Lions are children of the Sun Gods and maintain mythical status. The White Lion has become a symbol to citizens from around the world; portrayed as a rare phenomenon and an extension beyond any color, creed, gender or race. The White Lion serves as a sign of good found in all mankind. Anyone blessed to gaze upon this rare gift will be sanctified with prosperity.


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White Lion’s audience is sophisticated with expansive interests and eclectic tastes. They require an impeccably crafted beer with every encounter. Thoughtful leaders and trendsetters of all ages share an affinity for the White Lion brand.

White Lion symbolizes grace with limitless possibilities, the consumer being part of something bigger than them; positioned between lessons taught and the possibilities inspired by their energy and spirit. A lifestyle that includes the quintessence of an urban dweller, with the aptitude and depth to be part of cross cultural engagement.

How did we get here?

In 2011, White Lion Brewing Company’s founder, Raymond L. Berry, Jr. discussed with friends the idea of starting a craft brewing company to establish a local product for the city of Springfield and the Pioneer Valley region. In 2012, after much thought, countless discussions and research, the business blueprint and framework were created.

White Lion, the first craft brewery in Springfield, Massachusetts, has all of the necessary ingredients for a successful, sustainable future. More than a brewer, White Lion is a catalyst for Springfield’s revitalization; it is an urban revivalist.


The White Lion Brewing Company’s products embrace the consumer with a sophisticated experience while preserving a local familiarity.


White Lion Brewing Company attracts and indulges beer connoisseurs with a memorable experience leaving them yearning to consume only White Lion products.


Mike Yates is an award winning brewer with an all-encompassing work history of craft brewing. Yates’ background includes full production and management of regional brewing companies and brew pubs.

In 2002, he won a Silver medal at the Great British Beer Festival in London. At the Great American Beer Festival, held each Fall in Denver, Mike was awarded the: 2003 – Silver Medal -Herb and Spiced Beer Category, 2004- Silver Medal Herb and Spice Beer Category, 2006 – Gold Medal Amber / Red Ale Category, 2008- Bronze Medal Rye Beer Category.

In addition, at the Great International Beer Festival, held in Providence, RI each year, he has received over two dozen medals there over the last 10 years.


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